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The ThermiTight™ procedure successfully produces long term muscle relaxation without the use of toxins or the risk of permanent damage as nerves regenerate over time. 

Facial wrinkles are caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles every time you smile, laugh or frown. These lines caused by facial muscles can give a person an angry, tired or sad appearance — even when they are not experiencing that emotion.

Now, Dr. Zikria performs a new procedure called ThermiTight for patients from Milpitas, San Jose, and Sunnyvale in our region to control the muscle activity that causes these lines without the use of toxins. This procedure shows immediate results, is long lasting and toxin-free. ThermiTight offers all the advantages of Botox® or Dysport® without the disadvantages. Patients love it because the ThermiTight treatment can last longer than Botox or Dysport.

How does ThermiTight work?

The ThermiTight system helps the physician locate and treat the nerves with RF energy. ThermiTight prevents the muscles from full function, and gives you a more relaxed and natural look, just like Botox. ThermiTight is performed in our office, using local anesthesia, and combines electrical and radiofrequency stimulation to identify and relax only the muscles that cause wrinkles with immediate results.

Can I still get Botox with ThermiTight?

Yes. Many of our patients continue to have Botox treatment for their “Crow’s Feet” and the small lines (marionette) around their mouths. However, they prefer ThermiTight for the treatment of their frown lines between and above their eyebrows. By combining the two treatment options, many patients say they notice more natural looking, longer lasting results than with Botox alone.

The ThermiTight Procedure

Dr. Zikria performs ThermiTight, a minimally invasive procedure, in our office with local anesthesia, usually taking approximately 30 minutes. The skin is cleansed and disinfected. An aesthetic may be injected to minimize discomfort. Your doctor will insert the RF probe tip just under the skin to locate the target using low level energy impulses to stimulate and identify the nerves that cause the muscle to contract. Once the correct nerve is identified, a controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy is administered to a portion of the nerve to disrupt its ability to contract muscle related to the wrinkle. 

Is ThermiTight safe?

Yes. Radiofrequency (RF) has been safely used in cardiology, pain management, dermatology, plastic surgery and other medical specialties for over ten years. The ThermiGen system is FDA cleared for nerve ablation. The procedure uses radiofrequency to target the motor nerves which control facial muscle activity and can cause frown lines. Sophisticated technology allows physicians to precisely locate an area for treatment, and then apply a specific dose of radiofrequency energy to a portion of the targeted area.

Because results with ThermiTight will be long-term, selecting a qualified physician to administer the treatment is important.

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